St. Nicola

Slava is the Orthodox Christian custom of honoring a family patron saint. It is traditionally celebrated by the Serbs, but also in parts of neighbouring Balkan states where Serb origin/influence exist. It is the most important custom of the Serbs.
Each family separately celebrates its own saint. It is inherited from the head of the household normally the father to sons. Daughters inherit the slava only if they stay in the home, while married women normally celebrate their husbands' saint.
The occasion brings all of the family together, and a feast is normally prepared, including traditional foods: "slavski kolac" and "zito". The parish priest is received in the family's home. He performs a small service which entails venerating the Saint's memory, blessing the slavski kolac and zito, as well as lighting the "slava candle". During the Slava day the house is visited by relatives and friends of the family. Each visitor is welcomed with a spoon of "zito".
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